LESBIAN BOX OFFICE is a brand new channel dedicated to programming lesbian and bisexual women's content. It was set up by Jacquie Lawrence (former commissioning editor of LGBT programming at Channel 4) and Fizz Milton (former programming executive at the BBC) in the wake of what Jacquie terms 'lesbian road kill' - the propensity for television dramas to kill lesbians off, usually in some sort of traffic accident. 


In 2015, Jacquie published her lesbian novel DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS and was asked, by the Guardian, to write about the dearth of living lesbians in television drama and film (http://bit.ly/wherehaveallthelesbiansgone). 


She said that there hadn't been a lesbian specific drama on television since 2010 (LIP SERVICE), although there had been a host of gay male dramas. It was then that she and Fizz realised the only way to watch drama with lesbian content was to make it themselves. And the only way to get lesbian content on a channel was to, yup, create one themselves.


Three years on and DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS : THE WHOLE STORY is now available on LESBIAN BOX OFFICE, with a slate of other drama, documentary and lifestyle programming in development. 


Watch this space!



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